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Performance Series - Common Client Conflicts

Part One: In this session we focus on mindset, resilience, setting intentions and leading with empathy. This is vital if we are to break the them v us mindset in the profession. 

Part Two: Mindset matters, but also conflicts and angry clients are a reality. So, this session is highly practical focusing on communication tips when someone is angry, how to calm and defuse a confrontation, and how to ensure the best outcome for the patient, owner and you.  We will role play some common scenarios and give you simple solutions for managing conflicts with confidence. 

The question we get asked the most in our community, in person and on social - “How do you cope with angry and upset clients?” 

In this special live workshop we will cover everything you need to know when it comes to unhappy, disgruntled and angry clients. 

We have invited a special guest - Dr Shibly Mustapha - to co host this workshop as Shibly is the MASTER when it comes to client connection, resilience and demonstrating value. 

What if the client:

  • doesn’t accept your treatment plan 
  • doesn’t want diagnostics, just medication
  • is angry at the long wait time 
  • leaves a negative review 
  • shouts at you 
  • says they want a second opinion 
  • refuses to pay 
  • thinks you made a mistake 
  • says they’ll sue you 
  • complains about your treatment and service