Turning Pro

$147.00 AUD

Turning Pro is where the transformation begins. In this powerful 5 module course, you learn in two-weeks what you can take years to discover on your own through trial and error.

Alex and Gerardo will guide you through:

  • Getting clear about what it is you what to achieve in the important areas of your life and career
  • Explore how the way you show up in social situations influences your ability to connect and develop relationship
  • We evaluate who is in your inner circle as they influence your success and movement forward
  • Mastering your energy, motivation and productivity levels to enable consistent action
  • Discovering what is required to ensure your success


When you sign up for Turning Pro you get $115 of additional value: 

  • Live Q&A with Alex and Gerardo every month

  • Membership to our Vet Success Academy Online Community where we share motivational and educational resources, share exclusive offers and we do prizes and giveaways.

  • Access to Goal Setting Training

  • Access to “Powerful in a Crisis” Training"


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