Time Management - Managing Interruptions


So let’s just say you have a plan and you are pretty good at knowing how to prioritise so you start off on the right foot but somehow you always end getting pulled away to something else. 

What is getting in the way? How do you preserve that time so you can work uninterrupted? This is often something that people living in busy households or busy workplaces where there are kids, customers or workmates coming and going. 

For example it might be that you sit down to type your clinical notes but then the receptionist comes in and tells you there’s a client on the phone, or one of your colleagues pops their head around the door to have a chat. As a manager it can be really hard to get uninterrupted time to work on projects because then your’e always spending time putting out fires. Urgent unexpected things- usually staff issues, people issues, child issues. The reality is that a lot of these do need to be dealt with straight away but some need to be managed so...

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