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Tailored Virtual Support For Your Entire Business


Liberate Your Team: Enable 100% Client And Patient Focus.


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Elevate Your Veterinary Practice with Synergy Suite

In today's fast-paced veterinary world, ensuring each pet and their owner feels genuinely cared for can be a challenge. But what if you could offer an unparalleled client experience while simultaneously empowering your team?

Introducing the Synergy Suite:

• Client-Centric Care: Envision a practice where every pet and owner receive undivided attention, fostering a bond of trust and understanding.

• Virtual Support System: Lean on a robust virtual backbone. Let your reception team focus on being present and attentive with your clients, and have virtual assistants handle backend tasks seamlessly.

• Enhanced Patient Focus: Free up your nurses from constant phone calls and extensive charting, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient care.

• Efficient Veterinarians: Imagine your vets focusing solely on their expertise, without the added burden of writing histories, updating clients, or drafting reports.

• Empower the Inexperienced: With Synergy Suite, your budding veterinarians will never feel isolated. They'll always have a support system to rely on.

Elevate your practice's efficiency, enhance the client experience, and empower your team with the Synergy Suite.


How The Virtual Veterinary Team Can Help

Write accurate and timely patient histories

Transcribe video, voice or images into accurate medical records

Support less experienced team members with real-time qualified advice

Provide second opinion interpretations of diagnostic test results and management plans

Client follow-up, patient check-ins and nurturing all the way through to gathering 5-star Google reviews

Administration data entry, record keeping, notifications and alerts - like a personal vet assistant for each of your vets!

Free up your client care team to focus on tending to clients and converting phone calls into visits

+ Much, much more...

“But how?”, we hear you ask!

Choose Your Package

We offer 6 levels within the Synergy Suite, tailored to your software and team


We meet with you to understand your workflow and tailor your package

It's Go Time

Our Virtual Vets support your veterinary team to make their lives easier!

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Synergy Suite Support Packages 

We recognise that a single solution doesn't suit every business, which is why our Synergy Suite is engineered for adaptability. Our various support levels are crafted to work seamlessly together, allowing you to customise your support package and fully leverage the services we provide.

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Synergy Suite Packages

We offer six packages to suit your needs, which can be combined to be tailored for your team.

1. The Archivist: Converts veterinary medical records from various formats into digital transcriptions, adapting them to client-specific templates for seamless integration into their EMR software. They notify the veterinary team of any transcription issues, potential medical oversights, and provide suggestions for improved processes.

2. The Integrator: Manages the integration of a pet owner-facing Chat Bot with the EMR software, coordinating interactions and ensuring the seamless incorporation of digitised records from the Archivist into the EMR system. They also alert the hospital team of all executed actions.

3. The Pathfinder: Enhances the Archivist's digitised records by offering forward-looking insights on patient care, suggesting potential gaps in histories or exams, and guiding veterinary teams, especially less experienced vets, in formulating diagnostic and management plans. This support streamlines decision-making, allowing vets to prioritise client and patient interactions.

4. The Caretaker: Manages post-visit communications with pet owners, updating the EMR with feedback and alerting the on-duty vet of any concerns. They also handle referral forms, monitor incoming reports, notify the veterinary team of summaries, and remind clients of upcoming appointments and instructions.

5. The Navigator: Offers continuous clinical advisory services, working alongside the Archivist and Pathfinder to provide extended insights throughout a case's duration. They offer second opinions, document interventions, advise on client communication, and can convey information to clients in understandable terms.

6. The Ravemaker: Is an advanced Caretaker, specialising in elevating the client experience from start to finish, ensuring a personalised touch even after the pet's illness is resolved. Their expertise not only nurtures client relationships but also cultivates raving fans and 5-star Google reviews.

Service Levels

Package 1 - Team Support

Services Archivist Integrator
Medical record digitisation
Alerts for unprocessable submissions
Template customisation for EMR integration
Completion and error notifications
Chatbot management and integration
Coordination with EMR and hospital team
Action notifications
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Package 2 - Veterinary Relief

Package 2 - Veterinary Relief

Services Pathfinder Caretaker
Medical insights for patient care
Time-saving diagnostic planning
Support for inexperienced vets
Timely or on-demand insights
Post-visit client follow-ups
EMR updates and vet notifications
Referral form management
Personalised appointment reminders
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Synergy Suite - Veterinary Administration & Mentoring Support

Package 3: Business Owner Relief

Services Navigator Ravemaker
Clinical advisory service
Extended case support
Diagnostic test interpretation
Client communication advice
Enhanced client experience
Pre- and post-visit nurturing
5-Star Google review generation
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