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We believe that veterinary professionals need both clinical and professional performance skills and knowledge to be able to create a meaningful and impactful career and personal life.

That is why we have a library of courses that cover all areas. 


Dr. Gerardo Poli

Co-Founder and Principal Coach

BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (EMCC) MVS, Author, Certified Performance Coach and Podcast Co-Host

Dr. Alex Hynes

Co-Founder and Business Coach


Dr. Amelia Allen

Clinical Educator


Dr. Shibly Mustapha

Performance Mentor

BVSc (Hons), Business and Performance Coach

Support Team

Laine Brown

Marketing & Operations

Nick Harris

Digital Media Specialist

Rory Masterson

Video Production

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Linear Foreign Bodies

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Imposter Syndrome

Common Client Conflicts

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Consult Room Mastery

Emergency Surgery Program

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What I love about VSA is connecting with others as it’s made me realise what I have been feeling is normal and I wasn't alone.”

- Dorty

I am so grateful for VSA and everything I have learned so far! Thank you!!”


- Kristine

“Thanks to VSA, I’ve managed to get the balance back in my life”


- Tina


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Don’t miss out!

Be part of the VSA community to receive valuable insights from our clinical and professional performance trainings.