2020 Reflection

It is important to take stock on where we are at now, and reflect on the goals you set this year or the project that you wanted to achieve or where you wanted your career, family or love life, health and well being to be at this point.

So write down a list of what it was that you wanted to achieve this year! 

Was it a health goal, was it a fitness goal, was it something you wanted to learn about, was it something you wanted to do with your family, was it a morning routine you wanted to start.  Was it starting meditation or reading a book each evening.

What has been a nagging thing that you wanted to achieve or take action on .. that you just didn't? 

The goal here is to gain self awareness of the things that you wanted to achieve, so that you can either say that you have ticked it off or you did not do it.  Remember it is not about making yourself feel bad or disappointed, it is more about being able to move forward with more clarity.  

If you still want to achieve the same thing, then think about what you can do in these last couple of weeks to get back on track. What are your next 5 steps that will bring you closer to that goal? A start is better than nothing at all, so even though you are not as far as you wanted, take this first steps, to help you end the year proactive and productive. Schedule in 30 minutes each day for the rest of the month, that's not much right, but imagine what you could do in that time?

Or, make a decision NOT to do it and take it OFF the list. That’s a powerful decision in and of itself. But letting it hang over you, stressing you out that you haven’t done it or finished it is not healthy, it drains your energy and just makes you feel bad.

You know, that thing that is nagging away in the background. Lets make a decision to do it or not, and then move forward.

What would make you feel accomplished? … what would make you feel like you ended on a high. 

What will make the biggest difference to your health, wellness, happiness, or success?   What will make you feel more in control, more confident, more relaxed or at peace as you finish this year and start the next?


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