5 Strategies To Develop Your Resilience!


Resilience is the ability to bounce back from problems and setbacks or when things don't go as planned. It's a quality that we all possess to some degree, but some of us can draw on it more easily than others can or can take bigger knocks or more knocks than others can. Resilience is important because it keeps us getting back up on our feet and getting back on track after we hit a challenge until we finally reach our goals, it allows us to deal with difficult situations, and it helps us to grow by encouraging us to look at the positives and to manage stress.

However, it's not about trying to carry on regardless of how we feel, and it's not about being superhuman! Instead, it's about understanding why we feel the way we do, and developing strategies to help us deal with situations more effectively.

It’s very hard to beat someone who keeps getting back up. What makes them different from another person who cannot is just the strategies they use. The situation...

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