5 Strategies for Dealing with Perfectionism


We are going to go through 5 strategies that can help you to tackle some of the negative effects of perfectionism:

1. Challenge Your Perfectionism Behavior:

So I want you to think about what are some of the things that you MUST do "perfectly" eg.  surgical skin close.  Examples.  --  for Alex, it would spelling and grammar, for ME it is at the gym if they say 12 reps I do 12 reps and die… 

Exercise: Write down why you believe that this activity must be perfect? What is the impact if you do or don't??

Do you resist delegating tasks to a co-worker because you don't trust their ability which means that you stay back late? 

Pro Tip: How can you overcome them?  Only challenge one perfectionist behavior at a time. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed. One small change can have a huge impact.

2. Set Realistic Goals:

Set realistic goals.  Think about your most important life and career goals. Then, break them down into smaller monthly or yearly steps. Not only will this make it easier to reach your objectives, but you'll also experience the thrill of achieving these smaller goals.

3. Listen to Your Emotions

If you're feeling anxious or unhappy about a task, your instincts may be telling you something BUT catch your ANT’s (automatic negative thoughts) they are always there!! It is so much better to have positive thoughts associated with positive action and outcomes than your ANT’s. 

4. Don't Fear Mistakes

  •  Mistakes are part of life. 
  •  They show that you're not afraid to push yourself and try new things. 
  •  You learn so much from mistakes even if they are painful.  
  •  First, accept it (breathe it in) and then take the lesson from it even if it is super simple ….. Counting swabs
  •  Practice self-compassion!

5. Readjust Your Personal Rules

Perfectionists often live by a rigid set of rules. 

  •  Check every email at least three times before you send it
  •  Never leave a crumb on the kitchen counter. 

Identify one rule that you live by that's too rigid, and reword it to be more forgiving. For example, maybe you could reread only the most important emails before you send them.


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