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Focus & Discipline - Limiting Beliefs

I want you to pause for a second and consider this question..

What thoughts or beliefs do you have that get in the way of your progress? These are your limiting beliefs. It might be ‘I'm not smart enough’ or ‘I'm not pretty enough’ or "I am shy" or "I am bad with names".

Limiting beliefs are things that hold you back. I like to think of them as this list of rules we each have in our heads about what we should say, how we should be, and what we should do and about how the world works. They are based on things like-  what our parents taught us, how we were educated and our past experiences  Plus, we reinforce them either via our inner dialogue or what we tell other people. We seek out proof that they are true and think of them as "just who we are".

We say things like  ‘I'm not good at maths’ or “I’m terrible at public speaking”.  A  limiting belief could be about you, your interactions with other people, or...

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Conflict with a Colleague. Step One: Review

conflict performance Feb 09, 2021

If you are experiencing conflict with a colleague and you would like to address it. So you are the target or involved in conflict with another person in the team.

Carefully review the situation, evaluate what has happened before you take actions. Ask yourself is this behavior normal from this person or is this person just having a bad day? If it's typical behaviour  it might be time to do something about it, which we covered in the live training. 

Here I want to focus on if it is out of character. Who has heard of the Iceberg effect? It is used to explain the concept that 20% of the iceberg you can see and 80% is under the water. So this means that what you see in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication is influenced by what is happening below the surface eg. financial issues, sick loved ones, time constraints, trying to manage multiple people’s expectations.

So if it is out of character for this person then you can choose to give them the...

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